Refugees: Where There is a Will, There is a Way

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Refugees: Where There is a Will, There is a Way

TrafficLSR2Once again LSR has had a busy week.

Many trips back and forth from Beziers to Montpellier were made to help the Syrian families visit the necessary government offices for the processing of their asylum request paperwork. Many kudos to Shaka, one very devoted and tireless volunteer who is forever ready to help with this complicated issue.

LSR organized emergency dental care for one person, helped three children get ready for school by getting back packs and school supplies, and the French language class organized for very eager Syrian children was a great success.

Are our volunteers tired of sorting and boxing and labeling clothes and medical supplies? Apparently not. Another load of supplies for the refugees in Syria is being organized to meet up again in a few weeks with a France & Beyond container that will be making the trip to Syria. Here a photo of the last full container ready to go:

Freance and Beyond container Syria2

LSR attended an information-gathering meeting with a group of other associations and interested people to see how we can make use of our various talents and resources to support the refuges coming into the area.

We are continuing our food deliveries to the families in need and it looks like two more families will soon be leaving their precarious living conditions in Beziers for more secure locations.

In the mean time we have welcomed and “adopted” another Syrian family with four children and we hope to be able to help them make a good transition into French life.

Many of us attended the fabulous Burns’ Night party in Laurens Saturday night. More about that in the next update!

And may we just remind you, kindly, that we need food donations on an ongoing basis, so please check our website for a food-collection point near where you live, and for the specific items most needed.

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