Refugees: The Things We Do!

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Refugees: The Things We Do!

BurnsNightDinner-600x476The plight of the refugees in so many places is heart rending. We as LSR members are trying to do whatever we can to help. Even if we have to dance, sing, recite poetry and eat an interesting meal to do it! Yes, this sounds a bit bizarre, but that was what happened about 10 days ago, and it was all done for our cause.

There was a big party.

With a big team of talented volunteers Wendy organized a fantastic event known as Burns Night, an annual celebration of the life of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Burns Night is an event full of traditions and ceremonies, including the drinking of whiskey and the eating of haggis, a special food you can learn about here.

Wendy and her husband hosted the event in their charming home. A number of friends and volunteers who happened to be visiting the UK brought back with them a number of haggis from Scotland.


Others spent hours preparing the meal, setting up the tables, decorating the space, serving food, pouring wine, washing dishes…. Others donated cases of wine and great prizes for the tombola. What a team!


The MCs for the evening did a fabulous job. We sang, we danced, we recited poetry, we drank whiskey… All the guests had a wonderful time and were eager to know about the work of LSR.


It was a brilliant evening! A very successful event to benefit the refugees in Languedoc.

To know more about how you can help, visit our website Languedoc – Solidarity with Refugees

* * *
Many thanks to the following people for their time, talents and donations:
Bassie for her magnificent team (Debbie, Hugh & Ginny) in the kitchen and for providing the gorgeous starter. Isla and Paul from Domaine Sarabande for providing a huge amount of their lovely wine. Kate, Hilda, Diane, Isla, Derek, Ginny, Chris, Erzi, for donating haggis and veggies. Josje, Chris, Kerry, Simone & Erzi for giving fantastic Raffle prizes. Our lovely team of volunteer waitresses Amber, Rhona, Jenny, Natalie. Jeff and Maggie for music and PA. Diane and Gordon for being MCs for the evening.

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