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How Can We Not Help?

By Gary and Wendela Kilmer

WHO IS LINA?  The woman in the picture . . . who is she?

She has a face, a name, a husband, a 7 year old son named Rami.

She also has breast cancer.

Who is she? She is a Syrian refugee who fled to Lebanon with her family in 2015 after their home in the city of Homs was destroyed. She is one of millions of refugees in similar dire circumstances, with cancer piled on top of other life crises. International agencies and charities have little capacity to deal with the needs of so many. But Lina is is a real person whose name we know, whose face we can see, whose desperation we can feel. We cannot ignore her.

She is not a statistic. She is Lina. She has breast cancer and she is terrified.

Her family and friends are desperate for her to get treatment to save her life, to see Rami grow up. Good friends of ours, and hers, brought her problem to us. They were neighbors in Homs Syria before both their homes were destroyed in the fighting there.

Her family’s resources have been wiped out by medical tests and consultations and basic survival. She cannot pay for the chemo and surgery needed to save her life and there is no one else to do it. We have seen the documents from her doctor. American friends of ours in Beirut have confirmed the reputation of the doctor and that treatment is needed urgently. 

We are volunteers working with Languedoc: Solidarité avec les Réfugiés (LSR) which is a registered charitable association in France. Gary is the president. We help refugees here in France and in camps elsewhere when we know how our assistance will be well-used. Most often we provide food and basic supplies to refugee families in need but Lina’s story especially touched our hearts personally. The need is too great, however, for our little association to handle on its own.

We need to raise the $8,000 (€7,300) to pay for Lina’s chemo and surgery. LSR is contributing the first $550 to this campaign. Friends in America have pledged another $1,250. We are off to a good start, but much more help ($6,200) is needed to be sure that Lina can get the full set of treatments she needs.

Please help us help Lina. She has a face, she has a name, she is a real person. She is terrified and we cannot ignore her.

Gary and Wendela Kilmer

You can contribute via the LSR website:

Please note that the donation is for Lina.

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