Happy Children Are a Joy

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Happy Children Are a Joy

Happiness! A fabulous holiday party was organized by LSR volunteers and La Cimade  for the kids in the refugee shelter in Béziers. Face painting, wonderful food, great entertainment, and Santa Claus bringing presents made this a happy time for children and adults alike.

Many thanks go to the amazing Bassie Scott and her many elves, who took on to organize this event with our friends at La Cimade.

This is what it’s all about: Kids and parents having a wonderful time when life is not easy. A huge thanks to all the helpers and an even bigger thank you for all the donations that made it the event possible.

Special thanks go to Wendy Ogg, Vivienne and Greca for the fabulous face painting, to Owain for the fantastic disco and André for the wonderful group of young people who put on the show!

A fantastic day . . .  let’s do it again next year!

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