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Food for Refugees: Frontline Volunteer Sarah Berry

LSR is very pleased to be able to provide financial support to the mission of Sarah Berry to cook meals for the refugees in the border camps in Greece. Sarah is a very experienced volunteer who has worked in the camps in Calais and Paris. She is a wife and mother of four children and lives in the South-West of France.

She and a volunteer buddy from the UK travel in their own camper van, which doubles as field kitchen and food distribution point in the camps. They focus most of their resources, including their own considerable energy, on procuring and preparing food for as many as 1000 refugees per day.

They get into other activities as well – helping wherever help is needed. They maximize the effectiveness of their efforts by coordinating with local authorities and other charities on the ground.  Sarah will be telling us about the details of her trip when she returns to France in September.

Right now Sarah is in Greece cooking in one of the camps. It is hot and cooking hundreds of meals on a field kitchen like this is an amazing accomplishment.

Sarah Berry's filed kitchen

A recent cooking session involved preparing around 700 meals in one day, using 20 kilos of rice, 25 kilos of mince (ground beef), many large tins of tomatoes and kidney beans as well as countless onions and wraps.

LSR is proud to be able to support grassroots efforts like Sarah’s and will be happy to help anyone wishing to support her future missions directly to make the right contact. Unfortunately, we cannot all do what Sarah and her friends are doing. We can, however, support them in doing it and that is one of the missions of LSR.

Food for hungry people

Anyone who wishes to support Sarah directly is encouraged to do so either by going to her “pot commun” account directly ( or by channeling donations through LSR via our website ( ) We will forward 100% of all funds received to Sarah as quickly as possible.

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