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Trapped in Lebanon

Trapped in LebanonURGENT!  Have you ever thought what it would feel like to have no place to go with your five children – or how to feed and shelter them? You are Syrian refugees living in Lebanon with no support. You can’t go back to your now-destroyed home in war-ravaged Syria. Neither can you stay where you are because the Lebanese government is over-burdened itself and is trying to send refugees back to Syria. And now your request for visas to enter France has been rejected with no explanation even though you have family, who are refugees themselves, and friends there ready to receive you. This is reality for the Barghouth family.

Please click here to sign our petition to the French Consul in Lebanon  to indicate your support for the Barghouth family.

Encourage the French government to do its humanitarian duty to save this young family and many others. Our letter to French officials, in French and in English, are available on the LSR website.

Petitions and letter-writing campaigns do make a difference in France. This petition is about just one family but we hope it will help to set an example that will help many others escape similarly perilous situations.


If you want to send on the petition to friends and family, here is the link:

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