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The Walk in Support of Refugees

The Walk in Support of Refugees (Marche Solidaire pour les Migrants) Ventimiglia – Calais/Dover via Paris

  • Friday 18 May at  17.30   Avignon –  LSR/groups in the Languedoc –  Greet the Walk in Solidarity with Refugees


Meet La Marche  group on their  arrival in Avignon in the late afternoon, estimated  arrival 5.30pm

Drive or train to Avignon.  Regular trains from Agde/Beziers to Avignon & return

A compromise for those unable to do all or part of the  Walk  but want to show their support.


Bring LSR leaflets,   LSR posters,  placards with support messages,

We anticipate there will be meetings, events and the chance to meet  groups from other parts of France, as well as UK support groups from  Calais.


The organisers of La Marche have not yet issued the exact location in Avignon but if you want to take part, you can either

Register to take part officially & get cheap accommodation  – see  La Marche website,

And/or  email  us and we will notify you as soon as exact location known – likely to be in central Avignon

  • Join in the Walk  at any point  that suits you

Eg 18 May Tarascon – Avignon or Arles – Tarascon or other


Go to the website above  for the route and up to date information


  • Join in the Grand Rassemblement in Paris  – 2l June onwards


The exact date and location  not yet released but again, if you register with La Marche, they will let you know details.


If you would like to join in the Languedoc Solidarity  day on 18 May, please respond to this email ASAP.


For further details on the Walk, route and dates, go to the site above, exists in French only.


Hope to see you there.



Background to the Walk & organisers EGM


A brief introduction this event for those not necessarily following developments in France in detail.

In response to the growing problems facing refugees and those who try to help them, French humanitarian aid,  campaign and human rights organisations have formed a network called EGM  (Etats Generaux des Migrations).  Participating organisations  include the Red Cross, Secours Catholique, Amnesty International, Emaus,  and hundreds of other groups.

EGM is organising a long Walk in  support  of refugees and to protest against new French  laws which will make it  much more difficult for refugees to claim asylum and for legal and aid agencies to assist them with their claims.  Refugees risk being sent either to  inhospitable countries where they have no ties or worse, back to countries where their lives are in danger.  Yet the number of people seeking refuge in France is in fact much lower than in neighbouring countries such as Italy, Greece and Germany.

The Walk started in Vintimiglia on Monday 30 April and goes from Southern France through Marseille, Lyon to Paris, with a large meeting on 2l June  and then onwards to Calais/Dover on 8 July.   Some participants, including former refugees, will undertake the whole Walk but it is hoped that many more will join in for shorter periods along the route, to show their concern  and to remind  the public about the worsening plight of refugees in France.

Full details can be found at

LSR has close and collaborative links with organisations such as La CIMADE ( Beziers & Carcassonne offices )  which has been working with refugees and asylum seekers for over 60 years and is also involved with organising La Marche.

LSR, as a small and relatively recent charitable association, is not directly involved but  welcomes  this initiative and hopes members and supporters will help  make this Walk a success.

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