Refugees: The Joy of Generosity

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Refugees: The Joy of Generosity

Refugees have a difficult and stressful existence, even after arriving in a rich and peaceful country such as France. A few weeks ago eight new refugee families arrived in Béziers, all burdened with their own stories and traumas. They are all in the process of applying for asylum and are now housed by the government in a CADA (Centre d’acceuil de demandeurs d’asile). However, their allowances will not be received for several more weeks.

So, having been told that these families need emergency food, we at LSR decided to gear up our network and we are now collecting and distributing food for these eight families: 14 adults and 16 children.

We are so proud of the wonderful generosity of all our members and friends. Three weeks ago we made the emergency call out for food and it arrived almost instantly. Within days we delivered rice, pasta, chickpeas, lentils, eggs, yogurt, milk, juice, fresh fruit and vegetables to these needy families. In addition we delivered personal hygiene products and nappies for the seven babies.

The families are very appreciative. Even when they have no words, their faces and smiles tell us of their thanks.

Sorting and packing up the food for the individual families, who are all different in size and have different needs, is a big job, but it is a happy one. It is a beautiful sight, all this food that has been given out of compassion and generosity for people who so desperately need help.

Together we are doing an amazing job. Thanks, everybody!

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