Refugees: Bags and Bags of Food and Happiness

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Refugees: Bags and Bags of Food and Happiness

Food DonationsDo refugee kids like sweets and treats? Do we really have to ask that question?

Fortunately, along with all the potatoes and rice and lentils and onions that have been collected, some treats for the children of the families in Beziers were donated as well. It’s what they look for as soon as the bags arrive.

Are you curious to know how much food was donated and distributed since LSR volunteers started the collection effort in the middle of September? Wonder no more.

Here is a rough estimate. For 14 weeks LSR has provided an average of 20 grocery bags of food (non-perishables as well as fresh produce and fruit) to the Syrian families in the region – 280 bags of food! The value is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 4200 euros. Each week another 100 euros worth of meat and other fresh food was donated which totals 1400 euros.

LSR is grateful for all the help and hours of time the volunteers have given in donating food, collecting food, sorting food, delivering food…

280 bags! Thanks everyone!

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