Contributing Money

We rely on volunteers’ contributions of material and time for much of what we do. Inevitably, however, some things also require cash. We have a very modest budget that we manage carefully to be sure that we are responding directly to the critical needs of families either in this area or elsewhere in Europe. Financial assistance locally is always provided “in-kind” meaning that we use our money to buy things that someone badly needs and then deliver it directly to that person or family.

When helping outside the area, through other groups in our network, we focus on supporting work that is both important and where our contribution will be critical in either “kick-starting” an effort or stimulating more support from other donors in response to a clear crisis. We make it very easy for anyone to contribute financially to our work.


LSR supporters can now deduct up to 66% of their donation from their French income taxes. See here for more details

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You can either click on the “DONATE” button on the right, send us a cheque or make a direct transfer to our account (we will provide details on request).

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