Happy New Year and Good News !

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Happy New Year and Good News!

To wish everyone a good 2017 is not a hollow wish – we all know how much help, happiness and health is needed in the world, especially for the people LSR is trying to help.

Holding Hands

The refugee crisis continues and we hope that the situation will get better in 2017.

We are happy to announce that the most recent Rasi-Rine France Refugee Aid container with medical supplies and other goods collected by members and friends of LSR has finally arrived in Syria. Thanks go to all who have contributed to this effort!

Container has arrived in Syria

We also celebrate the good news that one of the Syrian families we’ve befriended now has successfully moved out of the CADA (government welcome center) and has their own rented apartment, lovingly furnished with donations from LSR members and friends. The children are doing well in school and are already fluent in French. The parents are taking classes and working hard to learn. They are happy, warm, secure and safe looking forward to finding work and being contributing members of French society.

Another family is now in the process of finding a rental apartment so they can move on from the CADA as well and start their life in France. Furniture and other household goods have already been collected and are waiting to make their new apartment a home.

More good news: A lovely French couple has opened their arms and offered their gite to a Georgian refugee family, a couple with a 2-year-old boy. They are now safe and warm as they continue their paper work for permanent status. LSR is contributing some assistance covering their utility bills and emergency food supplies.

This week a car load of warm coats and other clothing was delivered to Nimes by LSR volunteers.

These kids need everything...

Other volunteers delivered a car load of donations including 4 tents and numerous sleeping bags to Montpellier.

LSR is also contributing some funds to Danika Jurisic who works with refugees living rough in the streets of Paris. She has a crowdfunding project and if you feel so moved, please donate.

May the year 2017 bring good news for the world.

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