Explanation of the 66% Déduction Fiscale

Donations made to LSR are deductible up to 66% against tax paid in France. An “attestation fiscale” will be sent to all donating supporters at the beginning of the year following that when the donations were made. Please note however that your deductible donations must not exceed 20% of your taxable income.

For Example : a donation of €100  will actually cost you €34 after the tax reduction of €66.

Our advice received from partners is that when you fill in your tax declaration, put in the annual total sum of your donations in box 7UF of the 2042 RICI form of your tax return and your reduction will be automatically calculated and deducted by the tax authorities when processing your return. Please however check elsewhere to confirm this.

Your donations are indispensable to support the activities of LSR and to guarantee the independence of our association

Your donations are a way of  engaging directly on the side of refugees and migrants