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Delivering the Goods

Did you read Rachel Thornton’s story Destination Limbo about delivering warm clothing and food to the camp in Ventimiglia, Italy?  It is a moving tale. LSR has been involved in several other shipments of aid as well:

Joel Bamber, once again, took a truck full of donations to be added to a container organized by RASE-INE. Joel is and has been enormously helpful in managing the collecting, storing and spending hours on the road delivering mountains of donated materials.

medicines and medical supplies

Storing clothing, food, medicine and medical supplies

Off to meet up with the container

Off to meet up with the container

Here is what Joel wrote about his latest experience:

“The collection and delivery of donations towards Nikki’s Lebanon container was the third container effort I have been involved with.

“What I noticed, and what really impressed me this time around, was the speed in which the donations were brought together. Plus, I really noticed the growth and increasing diversity of the LSR network. For the first container, the group participating were solely English speaking people settled around the Roujan area. This time around, I received deliveries from local French people, Germans from Mèze and a Muslim Moroccan family from Pézénas. This demonstrates that making LSR more visible through local events is really paying off.

“Finally, the dedication, generosity and flexibility of all involved made it a pleasure to help helping others!”

UPDATE: The new government in Lebanon has blocked all aid containers and the container is now going to Syria.

LSR Volunteers Corinne Lancelin and Patrick Chatain drove to Paris with a car load of clothing and connected with Danica Jurisic who handed out the much-needed coats, sweaters and sleeping bags to refugees sleeping rough in the streets of Paris. Corinne and Patrick were witness to the deplorable situation of these desperate people suffering in the midst of the City of Lights.

Last week LSR heard of refugees sleeping rough in front of a Protestant Church in Montpellier.

Warm coats and sweaters

Warm things

Volunteers drove to Montpellier with a car-load of warm coats and sweaters. LSR also helped pay the cost of moving two families with sick children into hotels for a couple of nights.

When we all do a little, a lot gets done.

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  • Brigid Benson

    Thank you, always good to get an update about the aid to different groups in need. So reassured to hear about the broader support for LSR and its work, outside the expat community. Glad to be a member of & play a modest part in helpIng LSR grow, it makes the media reports less painful to know we are part of a group which cares and is making a difference. On peut tous faire quelquechose!

    Dec 08, 2016

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