Contributing Time

There are many ways for individuals to contribute their time, in whatever amounts they may have available, to support refugees through LSR:

  • Serving as a local collection point for donations of food and other items as needed locally, within France or internationally in border camps.
  • Providing transportation for the collection and delivery of food and furniture or taking refugees to necessary medical and other appointments.
  • Providing “muscle power” occasionally for moving furniture, loading vans, etc.
  • Writing or translating written material for publication.
  • Helping to manage the sorting, packing, storage and movement of donated material.
  • Providing French language training to refugee children and adults.
  • Organizing or helping with fundraising and awareness building events, collections, and other activities.
  • Sharing the refugee (and LSR) story with family, friends, neighbours and others.
  • Joining one of the LSR committees focusing on specific programme areas: Family Support, Housing, Collections, Communications and Fundraising.
  • Bringing your own ideas for helping refugees, raising awareness of refugee issues and fundraising.


We are managed by a small group of volunteers (the administrative council) who come together as often as necessary to review the progress of various efforts, plan new ones and look for ways to support each other and other volunteers in whatever relevant work they are doing. There is no set programme for the organization since we try to be responsive to refugee needs as we meet them.

We count on our members and friends to bring their own ideas to the table and take part in activities within their areas of interest.

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