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LSR is continually identifying needs for a wide range of goods ranging from nappies and baby formula to groceries for a whole family for several weeks; from winter boots and coats and blankets, to medical supplies and basic furniture to help a family set up housekeeping.

We do not have a large warehouse, or staff to operate one. All of our collections are made with a specific destination in mind. Sometimes the requested items will go directly to a family we are working with in this area. At other times we may be filling a truck or a shipping container to be shipped to one of the crisis points around Europe where we know how the items will be used.

These needs vary constantly but announcement of all the needs is made to all of our members via the Facebook Group page or email to LSR members. We are determined that, in one way or another, everything we do should make a significant difference to real people.

Please do consider the quality and appropriateness of the items being donated. If items are really past their effective use date, then we prefer that you throw them away rather than sending them on for someone else to manage.

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