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Béziers hateful poster

Béziers role in receiving refugees

The CADA of La Cimade was opened in Béziers on 15 November 2001. Like every social and medico-social institution, it evolves according to
the needs assessed by public policy. In June 2016, we were authorized to extend the capacity from 50 to 90 reception places, which is a
standard size for a CADA, and is the same level as others in the region (for example, the second CADA in Béziers, administered by the
municipality, offers 80 places). The extension of CADA Cimade was done in a completely transparent way, following a call for proposals
launched by the state at the end of 2015. The approach of Cimade was known by all the interested parties in the region. The municipality
of Béziers could not have been ignorant of this project.

The posters that appeared on Tuesday, 11 October in Béziers are an intolerable incitement to hatred and a misuse of public space & funds.
The municipality’s aim also is to promote its message in the media and on social networks. This poster is only intended to appeal to the
mayor’s electorate & to increase his audience beyond there. It is an ideological struggle and not peaceful management of the town.

The municipality’s plan to hold a referendum in Beziers on the reception of migrants is part of the same policy. The consultation on
Article L1112-15 of the General Code of local authorities is illegal because these tasks do not fall under municipal jurisdiction. It is
therefore doomed to failure.

La Cimade needs to remind everyone that the CADA is an institution that receives asylum seekers within a legal framework, and will not
shirk its mission.

See: http://www.lacimade.org/beziers-participe-a-laccueil-des-refugies/

Does the Mayor of Béziers action make you angry? If so, demand that these posters are taken down immediately by contacting the Mayor’s
office, whether by letter, email or going to the Facebook page for the town of Béziers :

  • Go to the town of Béziers page on Facebook
  • Search for the picture of the poster. It was posted 11 October at 09:29
  • Click on the small icon at the top right of the post
  • Report the photo
  • We think it has no place on Facebook
  • It glorifies violence or incitement to hatred
  • Facebook submit for review (the process is anonymous)

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