Refugees: Leaving Everything Behind

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Refugees: Leaving Everything Behind

By Bassie Scott

As you may know, I’ve been helping a new refugee family here. I wanted to share this story so folk may better understand why they had to leave their own country, Syria.

They lived in Homs, in a lovely house (I’ve seen photos). Dad worked away in Algeria to earn the money, each month.

Mum told me that when the bombing and shooting got much heavier, she used to gather all the children (3) and they slept on the floor of their kitchen together, she was so terrified.

Then it got worse… and she got more terrified. She telephoned her husband to come home, which he did.

Then it got even worse. The Police started rounding up men of the Dad’s age, young men and boys (theirs was 13 at the time) to fight. The bombing got worse, the shooting right outside their door was constant.

They hung on until one day it got so bad that they decided they must leave…they said they had 10 minutes to gather what they could and just get out of their house.
They then started making the journey to get somewhere, anywhere, for some kind of better life for them and their children.

The Mum told me that they didn’t even have time to bring any photos of their children, their wedding, nothing personal at all, just passports, documents, some clothes.
Mum says she still jumps at any loud noise, like a car backfiring. Imagine how the kids of 16, 12 and 8 feel too.

They left in 2012, only arriving in France 3 weeks ago.

They have asked me to say thank you to you, the donators of food, money, clothes, shoes etc. They are overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers that they are receiving here in the Languedoc.

So thank to you all, it really makes a difference for us at LSR ( to be able to help each and every family here to re-build their shattered lives.

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